Petitio Principii and the epistemic urge for truth

In a moral context, the right to do something or say, is quite a circular argument. It sort of kills the any debating as the conclusion is already there in the premise that is set up. It goes like, I have the right to kill, I have the right to intrude, I have the right to this and that, just like you have the right to be alive, or not be intruded etc.  Bible proclaims that God’s words are in it, and where can you find it, of course in the Bible. If you want to find out the truth of any proposition be it personal or otherwise, we have to stop the circular arguments. And that is what we see again and again in the media, circular arguments put forward where the truth is never devoured where judgement have already been made and people debate to the public, influence them with their own prejudices and bias.

Debate with an open mind, argue for the right reasons, to find out the truth, not to win. And till we do that this media circus will make a fool of all of us and intelligent corporate interests will get their way. The best way to keep the masses intact is by political theater and we are all falling for it day after day forgetting the cause we want to live for and sometimes die for.

If we want to find out the truth, a conclusion, a debate or an argument should start with no truth, but only premises. And of-course there can be disagreements on the premises too.

Circularity is important concept to understand real world scenarios, as long as it is not used for reasoning I presume. 

Gauri Lankesh – Salute you!

When main stream journalism has turned into a vacuous media circus which is a mere face of the ruling and corporate interests, there are people like her who courageously fought in her corner to make a difference against right wing fascism that is plaguing our society, where truth and facts are hidden behind political theatre in social, broadcast media and print media. Many of us might not have read her articles, but what good does it do to anyone, bringing that flimsy argument forward to curb the voice against fascist flavour. The word fascism is used left and right by people and that is what right wing want as well, normalise the word, just like any other word.
Lynching a man for eating beef has fascistic flavour, journalists being shot dead for writing and speaking their mind has fascistic flavour. An unarmed woman being shot dead for her words? Her writings? Her thinking? Why are people empowered to do such cold murder frequently in the past few years? ( Am not being apologetic to political murders at all here, there have been RSS-CPIM political murders a lot in Kerala). But why is it that a woman who has no history of violence or in any political gang war is shot dead in front of her house? Why was she on a hit list? Of whom? Are we lacking common sense here?
People who say it is just another Indian law breaking incident, as usual, has to be emotionally dead or have lost to empathise and reflect as a society. If you do not see the bigger threat here, you are in fool’s paradise of economic liberalism and development that is another whole can of worms which media is feeding you to wait for a mirage which will never come.
Think about what sort of a country you want to live in…A government that empowers fanatic fringe elements to make a mockery of liberty and freedom of speech and our diets? Or a country where even if there is a long way to development and economic glory, still a country where people can live without fear?
Excercise your rights, your thinking, your vote to make India a secular republic, maybe not perfect yet, but still, a place where we can dream about a less corrupt equal society before people are divided by fear and identities.
To all you writers with your mighty pen, keep going comrades but be safe, fear be damned is easy to say, but in real fascism is terrorising. It indeed is!
“Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of man who can fabricate it.” 
― Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

Cowardice of Neo-Nazis

I was lost of words as always to write about Ammamma, have been wondering whole day like every other day, perhaps this time of the year profoundly, how to put it in words, and I think I cannot yet again. Someone dear to me said I should write about her today, but I think her loss can never be put into words. I could not even write a eulogy when she died and hence I had to borrow the words written about her by someone dear to me and dear to her, a comrade. 

When you write and voice against anything or anyone, there is always a cost, a penalty. People belittle you, threaten you, spread hatred against you and even strangers start believing the contrived stories that thick heads propagate.Freedom of speech is a dangerous game. But we have to fathom courage to speak up be it for people or for yourself. Face the bitterness people shower on you without failing in your life. When you live and love, that is the biggest pain for people who want a piece of your life.

Today is teachers day, my grandmother, my other mom left us 4 years ago. I was there with her last few weeks, she fragile, delirious and  slowly forgetting who she was. She was a fighter who dealt with clinical depression with might and will and people remember her as Comrade Janaki, a beautiful and difficult person at the same time, who lived for her family and people around most of her life, just like her mother I was told by Amma.
Today a journalist died in Bangalore, a Ninja warrior she has been against the right wing politics. Her pen was powerful, so was her mind. The world is moving into a neo-nazi society, where people seem to forget life is about people and living peacefully with people, but divide and use contrived ideologies and ideas propagated by inflicting fear and paranoia about others around, without accepting the differences, without accepting or respecting others lives, the neo-nazi society is emerging slowly but steadily. Its all becoming a meme for people which puts forward all about me and my kind and my wishes and what I want. Lack of empathy is fuelled by fear of the other and thus we emerge more and more into a fucked up collapsing society. 
Keep going, keep writing, keep making movies, statements, write what you want and make that tiny difference, make the world move away from intellectual bankruptcy and lack of empathy. Keep going strong, keep going comrades. 


Wise – Why do Indians glorify stalking? It is not romantic, it is creepy. And now people do it in social media and the internet, its fucked up.
Reckless –  Looking at interesting stuff is OK I think, is it not? That is not stalking I think.
Wise – You need to be careful with stalkers. I worry about you. It is unhealthy interest in your lives.
Reckless – I am anything but careful. Meh. Maybe kick boxing will help. Doh!
Wise – When will you be serious? A bag of paradox. 
Reckless – Maybe they are just a fan or a bulb of me? You know important me?
Wise – Get that vanity out of your head, stalking is not because of respect, it is pathological obsessive and pestering behaviour. 
Reckless – Oh well, short lived fan story eh?
Wise – God such vanity
Reckless – Thats right! Vanity fair indeed. 

Atticus and his library

A book is a friend, a lover, a counsellor, a teacher, my father used to say. Book is home, book is an ocean, it is a journey that you take alone. They have lives, they engulf a world which you go into and it is your time, you and the book and nothing else. It is sometimes an escape, sometimes a party. The silence that spreads within you and around you when you read a book in solitude, takes you quietly to the lives of the characters and sometimes you become those characters and live their stories. If everything is in our mind, this world, people we connect to, then how can experiencing a book be unreal I always wonder. For me the characters of the books I have read are real, people whom I have known and their emotions experienced. Poems become poetry that I have heard the poet recite to me in my mind. A whole new world which is as real as the world we live in.

The books that you read tells you, your story, about the journey that you had. And sometimes I read my favorite chapters or paragraphs again and again, and every time I read it, I remember what I was the last time I read it, and what I have become when I am reading it now. Whatever it is the paradoxical mix of feelings are worth the additions to my mind.

More than anything in this world am knocked over by a book than any alcohol I have ever drunk . The euphoric high I get from reading a book, be it a poetry or a novel, is beyond my senses. I owe it all to my father, who had a little library in our house, which was all named and numbered and indexed. The index told you exactly which part of the shelf a particular book can be found. My father says books helped me open his mind from his childhood misery out of penury. It gave him hopes, it made him believe in revolution, in dreams, words had such profound influence on my father. I have to say that reading has made me observe the world and people in it in a more profound way, perhaps a world I created in my mind through the books I have fed upon.
I see my sister reading to Amelie and it feels like I am back to my childhood again where Ache used to read to us, fairy tales, Esop fables, mickey mouse and Zorro cartoon stories, stories from Misha magazine and many more. My earliest memory of owning a book is the fairy tale Snow white and the seven dwarfs which arrived as a gift and I treasured it for years to come. I was 5 years old and I was proud to own a book. My parents were not that well off that time, but they made sure we had enough books to read. After my age 10 I was allowed to devour my father’s library, his collection, which were personal, some gifted by his friends, his brother and some by my mother. The sky blue shelf with golden handles stood majestic in our house then. The little mites that lived inside the books made me jealous as though I was a possessive lover of our books. But I have to say my sister was far more possessive about the books, and she found it hard to part with her books. Me and my sister had a wonderful time growing up amidst books and an avid reader of a father.

Sublimity of people

The beauty of the very harsh reality of life is the constant struggle to make it beautiful. When life and world is a harsh reality around you, what makes life full is the little things we do to make life a sublime concert, a play, an art festival. The point is to realize that we are just a dot in this universe, insignificant in the real grand sense of the mighty universe. All we are is something that exist in our minds and in the minds of people around us. That is why it is important to have people around you who love you and pamper you for who you are without judgments, All your flaws and stupidity and irrationality becomes part of you and them. The love and pampering that you give and take makes you, you. That is all there is to life, this short journey. Nothing to conquer, nothing to defy, but just people and you.

Whatever we do does not affect this world, but only us and the little world of people we are filled with. Hence we need people who respect us with all our flaws near us. We are not special, nor are others, we are just people, heavily flawed and struggling. Life is a struggle, the point is to make every day full by living it with people who matter and for whom you matter meaningfully. Merged into a dot our lives are just a temporary entity for this universe, there is no spirit or soul, but your existence as a being, which is a bunch of chemicals which you train and learn in different ways, mainly with the people around you who value your existence in your life. Proclivity towards something that hurts you and someone who manipulates you, identifying it and rectifying yourself is the key. Self help is not just building yourself but also building the family of people around you. People are flawed but as long as they can empathize and understand and can act honestly be it relatively right or wrong, is what we need. That is all we need. People, life is all about people. When you help yourself it is about you and the people under your feather of thoughts. Self help is helping you and building that ring around you.

The virtual world people live in is a myth, we all get caught into it, but the real world is harsh and full. The touch, the kiss, the anger, the hugs, the love, the love making, holding hands, feeding, cooking, walking running, staring into each others eyes, all that is real and full where as behind a keyboard it is not sublime but a myth we get sucked into. You do not need to be censorious as everybody is unique and flawed and struggling to exist, make sure you are not lying to your own self, not taking pleasure in others sadness because you disapprove of them or something they did to you or your dear ones, empathize cognitively, learn to not wish ill for others, and beyond all know your own vulnerabilities and be open about them to your dear ones. People who do not want you to pretend to be anything other than yourself beyond everything will stay as family.

We can only have a limited number of people close to us, choose wisely who is a well wisher, there is nothing to conquer other than your own ego, nothing to prove to the world but only your well being, it is bound by evidences in science how our brains works, we can only form relationships with limited number of entities, so the point is to have that diversity but still an amalgam of beings around you so that you exist inside you and in them all merged into another big dot, but still a dot, the dot which makes up your existence and being.

Her dark circles

It was a date after a long time indeed, Malu dressed up like a teenager, all the cloths she tried one after the other, the wardrobe all turned upside down, the beautiful mess on the floor on the bed, she slept a lot the previous day, and hence she wondered whether she looked like a puffin with puffy eyes, sometimes abnormally sleeping a lot makes her swollen like a pumpkin he always said. Why did you not wake me up? she would muse and he would warmly say you sleep so peacefully like a rose waiting to bloom at sunrise that I do not have the heart to wake you up my dear. Well she does like sleeping, sleeping makes her forget everything. the woes of life, the difficulties of depression she fights every day and many a things. She quickly slipped out of the bed that morning and was browsing away her wardrobe deciding what to wear, She choose a red top first which made her look right out of the red army, after all comradeship was their thing, then a  black dress which exaggerated her arms which he adores, showing off her tattoo, her butterfly tattoo which reminds her of the white butterfly which gave her signs. Perhaps she will be late, and she wanted to be relaxed and hence was frantically wondering what to wear and finally picked up her favorite black top and red skirt. She was ready, her kajol all in place, smokey eyes experiments which always fails but makes her feel confident.

She walked out of the house and he mused, “you look different dear, your face looks all clean and smooth”, she blushed and said “I slept a lot yesterday. so I think that makes me look fresh”. And he playfully mused “But I live to see these dark circles under your eyes which spreads darkness under those lamp like eyes which makes me want to make love to you in the candle light. Your eyes are my candle and the dark circles those passionate nights which I never want to end”.  The poetry that comes out about the most trivial and intricate features of lovers makes love a poetry, Malu wondered.

May day

Musings in the train – May bank holiday weekend.

Socialism is considered as a fools paradise by many, infact it’s equated to the oppressive western centralised communist powers that history saw which is used in a very flimsy way to disregard a socialist equal society. An ideology which is far more complicated and untested in many places properly. But the core ideals has to be humanitarian and to consider them as futile and impractical would be a grave mistake for human progress and an equal society I feel.

Everything that we see in our modern world is a function of whatever economic structure happens to prevail and hence it is very hard to make flimsy comparisons. Be it the Asian subcontinent or Europe or the United States. Modern societies can (and does, in the societies in which we live) contain a lot of structural inequalities, we know it, we see it every day.

The narrative in the media against socialism where people loathe welfare states and labour unions and decentralised economic power from large corporations to mere individuals and local cooperative societies, glosses over those differences, and ignores the reasons one might desire a redistributive system – to correct for the very inequalities that are inherent in the “natural” structure of your economy.

A capitalist utopia makes for a good story, a good dream where everything is a paradise and free market and trickle down idealism, but in reality as it stands it doesn’t make for a good society. Fight for people’s rights, we want governments to be of the people not for corporations!


The human cognitive progress lies in empathy and not sympathy A thing hard to cultivate but with age and time and experience you will get there, you will get people, people will get you, hold on there 🙂