Petitio Principii and the epistemic urge for truth

In a moral context, the right to do something or say, is quite a circular argument. It sort of kills the any debating as the conclusion is already there in the premise that is set up. It goes like, I have the right to kill, I have the right to intrude, I have the rightContinue reading “Petitio Principii and the epistemic urge for truth”

Swap anger and hurt , for pity

The blog is back public, I was a bit bewildered by by the concerns dear ones had about irrelevant people complaining about what I write, but I think am done with cry babies like that. If you have issues fuck off, or email me and I will clear your doubts for sure. 😉 . CatContinue reading “Swap anger and hurt , for pity”

Gauri Lankesh – Salute you!

When main stream journalism has turned into a vacuous media circus which is a mere face of the ruling and corporate interests, there are people like her who courageously fought in her corner to make a difference against right wing fascism that is plaguing our society, where truth and facts are hidden behind political theatreContinue reading “Gauri Lankesh – Salute you!”