Chulbul Begam

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Was just back from Rajasthan, Dessert winds, forts, palaces and what not. My mind was like a rollercoaster, we were back in Hyderabad, C was all packing to go back to the UK and I get a call, my sister is in labor, a week early.  I cried, perhaps happy and sad, happy that baby was coming, sad that I was not there. C without hesitating for a moment asked me to fly back ASAP and be there for my little sister. He said he will spend rest of his few days alone in Hyderabad city, and not worry. I was torn but then decided to fly ASAP and took the first flight same day and reached Bangalore and then a bus to Thalassery. I remember my fully pregnant sister bidding me goodbye when I took my train to Bangalore a few months ago then. I was going to Hyderabad which seemed like a long journey with a lot of things on my mind, but I told myself, all this will pass, for the first time after years I was confused and quite weak and had to tell myself to be strong. I was looking forward to the road trips planned and just wanted to let all the things that confused me then pass and bury. I wish I had let go all my confusions fly away with the Dessert wind that I faced up in North India. But then Life eh? 🙂

I rushed out of the bus, went home had a quick shower so that is clean enough to go to the hospital and when I reached there, where she was being pampered by my Mema( Ammas little sister and my mother), all curled up into a bundle, out in this new world for couple of hours. My sister was tired but not in pain, nowadays surgeries are not that painful I guess. I held Amelie my Chulbul Bhegam I named her, and she was like a cotton ball in my hand.

Amelie changed me a lot, somehow she gave us all some new purpose to live and hope and learn. Life was good and monotonous I presume, but she came and took our heart away. This is the first picture I took of her when I saw her. She is my angel from somewhere who came to tell me things and I think now where I stand now is because of her. She perhaps does not know it but I will tell her when she is a woman about all of it.

All about Manni… 🙂



So there are continents and continents have countries, Look here is India

Where is England, show me Amma on the globe
Here is England, part of United Kingdom a tiny island, Manni lives there
Silence and Pause and a long lost look
And she kissed United Kingdom on the globe….

Bring you home

Little one: I saw a white butterfly, Manni was it you
Manni: Yes it was me, I am always thinking about you.
Little one: I spoke to the white butterfly
Manni: Let me guess, you asked her for a Dora doll?
Little one: No I asked her to bring you home to me soon.