Protected: Goal kick vs Goal Kiss

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English Sailor

Me: English patient is such a yummy book! C: Hmm J: Rather suits you boy, he was an "English Patient" infected by an Indian princess Me: Oh give over C: Wat! J: Well, it was love at first bite, never seen you like that, C. C: Whatever! ( Rolls his eyes) Me: Blushhhh!


People left you for reasons Your begging always repelled me It never stopped then or now Only reasons have changed No, I am not done with things till am done with, in my own time You want redemption, you say well justice is man made not karma nor a cosmic activity it is purely human … Continue reading Beg


Why did you stay? Why do you still stay? Have you not burnt enough? In the heat of my fire, my mood swings Why I wonder every day... Was it love that never died take me to ports downhill that meadow where we held hands together for the first time I lament and lament and … Continue reading Stay

The dot

There is a melancholy me which ebbs with love and fulfilment which I am finding it hard to contain..I am so used to feeling so messed up inside me that I find this liberated self overwhelming πŸ™‚ I can't win can I! I feel like am 10 years younger as though past decade or so … Continue reading The dot