English Sailor

Me: English patient is such a yummy book! C: Hmm J: Rather suits your boy, he was an "English Patient" infected by an Indian princess Me: Oh give over C: Wat! J: Well, it was love at first bite, never seen you like that, C. C: Whatever! ( Rolls his eyes) Me: Blushhhh!

In you

Page by page, I tear the miserable chapters I burn them in the flames of the candle you lit the ash formed a small heap of misery the lonely hours I filled up with verses which belonged nowhere but my laments which means nothing now but ashes The empty words vanity that got me to … Continue reading In you


Was it you or me, I wonder who kept the candle lit amidst the chaos and pain and absence and loneliness it burnt like the sun which never set in this case in the east or west in England or India it was lit by love nurtured by time the candle my sun


People left you for reasons Your begging always repelled me It never stopped then or now Only reasons have changed No, I am not done with things till am done with, in my own time You want redemption, you say well justice is man made not karma nor a cosmic activity it is purely human … Continue reading Beg


Why did you stay? Why do you still stay? Have you not burnt enough? In the heat of my fire, my mood swings Why I wonder every day... Was it love that never died take me to ports downhill that meadow where we held hands together for the first time I lament and lament and … Continue reading Stay