Porky people’s – pickle recipe

So Pork pickle seems to be a success. Hah! I grew up in Malabar and we are not that great a red meat eaters over there. The community culturally ate a lot of vegetables and fish, a lot of fish and seafood.  Chicken dishes – was the meat dish – for us – so for special days, Amma cooked Chicken in various forms. Once in a while, she cooked Beef, but it was not that normal at all in our day to day lives. Mostly we ate Beef outside. I have never eaten Mutton or Pork dishes in my own house or any of my relative’s houses either, how surprising,  how sad, :-), Amma or any of the ladies in my family has cooked them, ever, seems like. God, I think we have been deprived 🙂 because there is a variety of dishes that you can do with red meat indeed.

I met Chris back in 2007, and 2008 was my grand introduction to red meat in full swing. Though the first time I ate Pork is when I went to my college roomie’s house in Thodupuzha, got it was heaven. Div’s Amma, whom I call Ammachi, made Pork curry when I was there, and I was bowled by her cooking. I saw her two years ago and she remembered how I and she brought fish curry when she visited and was musing, how she could not get good Pork on time to make Pork curry.! Ammachi lives in Muvattupuzha now, they sold that grant house on top of the hill in Arikuzha( Thodupuzha). I spent many weekends, during those four years of my Engineering, my first taste of South Kerala and the Kodam Puli flavour and Red meat fiasco.  It was the best of times, the best. I wish to go back to that house someday, wonder who lives there. I presume it is painful for Div, when she is ready, we shall.

So here is the pickle recipe I use for Pork( Amma makes Mango pickle the same way)…

To make pickle powder which you can store and use whenever you want( or get Brahmins pickle powder, it is quite nice).

Recipe( from the internet, same as my Amma does)

Dry chillies – 250g
Fenugreek seeds (uluva) – 25g
Turmeric powder – 1 tbsp
Asafoetida(kayam) – 2 pieces

Step 1
For preparing simple pickle powder, dry roast all ingredients in low flame.

Step 2
When cooled, blend it well.

Step 3
Store in tight container.

Step 4
Use when required.

recipe I use

To make pickle:

2kg of pork( Better to make it in one big lot), cut into very small pieces
Marinate with salt and turmeric and ginger – garlic paste, overnight
Pressure cook the marinated pork the next day – I do 8 whistles or so
And then take a kadai/wok put sesame oil(the transparent one ,  one cup) ginger-garlic paste, green chillies ( 12 ones), saute for 2 minutes or so on very low flame, put 100 Gms of pickle powder and saute for 2 mins, put cooked pork, saute for 5 mins on a very low flame to mix well, switch off and put one cup of vinegar, mix well and let it cool then store in a fridge in a jar!


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