Curly Wurly Drools

Since I have decided to keep my natural curls, it takes certain Dos and Donts to make it easier, and you get used to the routine quite easily.  Below are some tips and what I use, I am a 3a hair type so I presume this works mainly for my hair only.

Amma and Ammamma had tight coil spring hair. Oh, how they told me to oil and wash and all and I never listened. And mainly they used coconut oil all the time to moisturise, and look at the hipster organic world now, coconut oil seems to be quite big and expensive in the west. Oh, Kerala 🙂 We and our coconut oil?

Important tips:
Natural drying is best for curls(ie even towel if you don’t use is best)
Try not to comb hair(no combing is za best), use fingers to detangle during conditioning in the shower.
Try not to touch your hair as the static in our hands makes curly hair very dry and frizzy. Minimal touching!
Use T-shirts to just dry wet hair ( maybe just to take a bit of wetness if it’s too wet and drippy), most of the towels make our hair frizzy
Get a satin pillowcase if you can or if you have material make one and sleep on that it makes hair less dry and frizzy
Tie your hair into a pineapple before zzz, it helps a lot for the curls to live in shape and looks better when you wake up.

Sulphate free shampoo( Cantu, WOW..etc…I use TIGI CATWALK Oatmeal & Honey Shampoo )
Sulphate free conditioner (TIGI CATWALK Oatmeal & Honey Conditioner)
Leave in conditioner(Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse 150, creamy and milky stuff are too heavy for my hair)Buy a comb – to use while washing your hair only.

Spritz spray I use now loreal curl tonic spray

Prepoo day ( Once a week, the day before you shampoo). – try Saturday nights.

Pre-Poo routine( pre-shampoo routine) – oil your hair with coconut oil Saturday night and sleep over. ( Tie your hair up like a pineapple. …after combing with a comb( wider teeth comb has the better for thick curly hair ). Wake up next day and better to shampoo when you are out of bed 🙂

Shampoo day ( Once a week) – try Sundays
Put your hair down( head down)…put shampoo only on scalp..lather – scratch the scalp for two minutes with it and wash off thoroughly, shampoo should not be left in the hair, it destroys the curl definitions. Squeeze some conditioner on to your hands, start spreading from the scalp and work towards the end of the hair. Once you have put enough conditioner – comb the hair so that conditioner is spread to all parts of the hair. Leave for 5 minutes and wash it off. Try to keep your head down during the whole process :-). Rinse well. Once conditioner is washed away…take some leave in serum/mousse in your palms and put it in your hair (Use praying palm method only, don’t finger comb ( that will make curl go undefined)… Once you have done that stand straight with hair up behind your shoulders and put serum/mousse again on your hair (this time use scrunching and a lot of scrunching with your hands). Don’t apply force…be very very gentle as curls need definition.  Take a t-shirt and just plop (that is don’t dry with hands just put the t-shirt on your hair and plop so that dripping water on your hair is gone). If possible best is to leave it to dry without any towel :-).
Take the spritz spray you made( Mine is not DIY, I use the curl tonic spray)… put your hair down and spray it on your hair do it in layers if you have thick hair, for every layer…do 4 to 5 sprays to cover enough hair. Once done stand straight and spray a topmost layer of hair as well. Don’t touch it..leave it to dry. Once 80 per cent dry you can spray again if you want and once fully dry spray again if you feel it needs some shine.

And you are ready.
In between shampoo days, you can wash your hair – every 2 days..that is Wednesday and Friday maybe. But don’t use shampoo…Wet your hair and use conditioner and do the full routine I said above. ( No pre-poo or shampooing only the rest of the steps).

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