5 p coffee machine


My body is not mine

I gave it to you

Along with my heart

Only because,

you nurtured it

far better than I did

I oil it, scrub it, perfume it

all the lush products in the market

My eyes all kohled up

dark and smokey

hair short and long

curly and sleek

But you held my heart

in your careful but firm palms

even when I was lost

in the midst of jungle called life

you lend your shoulder

and kept my feet firm

your eye-lashes closed

my eyes during insomnia

you nurtured all of it

every bit of it

every cell in me

the true essence of my body

because you had my heart

above all and foremost

a heart you took

with the twinkle in your eyes

when I met you

in that dingy corridor

for the first time

beside the 5p coffee machine

my mind, my hopes and my dreams

without all that am just a bag of

bones and flesh stuck together

the blood that run in my veins

has your colour and smell

my heart smells like your palms

no matter how much perfume I put on

it always smells like you…

So my body is not mine

but yours…

when my heart was yours

a long time ago…

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