For Zidane, For Henry! WC for France again!

12 July 1998, It was a Sunday(WC final day), and I was going to board the night train(Malabar express) to go back to college after a weekend home. Ache came to drop me at the train station, we were discussing football a lot that night, in the car and at the station waiting for the train. I have always loved Ache’s stories about football and cricket and Tennis, hence my deep interest in sports when I was growing up. We used to watch sports together, my sister and Amma hardly stayed awake to beat the timezones, since most games started the late night as per Indian time. Ache an ardent Brazil and Holland fan (and maybe Italy as well) though he wasn’t fanatic like me about any teams or players. He always wondered why I did so much drama whilst watching sports. “You are just like your mother” he used to say 😛.

I was at the door of the train, saying goodbye, I would miss that final as I would be on the train and there were no mobile phones either. So France to win? Ache said, “No Brazil will”, and we bet on two “Kuth/Punches”. And next time I was home, I got to punch Ache. 🙂!

Tagging my mad clan with whom I have watched a lot of memorable football, Tennis and Cricket back home in Kerala. One of a kind we were!

Joo and Meghu naming their newborn cat – Nuno Gomez
Dicha’s crush on Beckham and Owen
My mad Argentina fetish and crush on the whole of their countrymen and women 😛
Holland love – where we all agreed and didn’t have to fight on!
My mad crush on Sampras – were at our school general assembly when they read our news about Sampras, all my friends cheered and turned back and looked at me.
Me fighting with Ache and Joo on Steffi Graff games, I was Anti-Steffi!
Vavachi and Appooose – eternal ESPN addiction 🙂 to most of the sports, if she was there, we had to switch to ESPN where ever we were.
10-Dulkar Jadeja Cronje times – Sort of don’t remember much of cricket memories from the 90s anymore, blocked out maybe 😦!

All of it is just games, but there is so much fun when it is tied to a lot of memories and banter and fun 🙂 with people! All about people finally!

This is the first world cup which I and Chris has followed together, many more to come 🙂

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