In you

Page by page, I tear the miserable chapters

I burn them in the flames of the candle you lit

the ash forming a small heap of misery

the lonely hours I filled up with verses

which belonged nowhere but my laments

which means nothing now but ashes

The empty words vanity that got me

to grow up to be wise to be older

to be toothless and wrinkled with you

when my lazy tongue finds your mouth

when I surrender letting you drown in me

when I lie beside you when you sleep

when I play with your golden hair

singing a lullaby with my breath

when your blue eyes twinkle

like the mighty ocean that you love

you are in me and me in you

and I see my history as a dot again

A red dot with a green halo

and the universe seems trivial

because in you I feel alive

finally, I feel at home on earth

my tears my laughter

my desires my poetry

my whole being

feels enslaved

to you

In you


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