Could it be…

The table lamp was all yellow

And the bed was warm

He sleeping like a Greek god

Like those statues you see in Athens

I cuddle up under the duvet

When the lights are off

His angelic face glowing in the dark

His golden hair

Is he awake I can’t tell

But I feel warm and at home

V come back home he always said

How long have I been a rebel

Not that I was not loved

But I had to surrender as a whole

To come back home tired

To be nurtured and loved

To succumb

To feel totally full

To be a part of someone

I have waited so long

Dithered so long

Rebelled so long

And now I sleep

Curled like a prawn

I am totally wholesome

A life which was worth living before

And a life which is much more full

This is life , before now and tomorrow

The constant is you

I wonder why..

You are Atticus sometimes

Sometimes a brother

Sometimes a friend

Sometimes a lover

Other times the better half

Is this it…

Could it be love?

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