Dear white people


Oh, the second season is kick ass too! I want more I want more…I want more!

“A song I heard below from the series:”

Strange things happen in our sleep

Dreams follow into day

I’m hollow

Don’t tire yourself out

Thoughts turning in your head

Don’t follow



Bad thoughts pushing at the neck

Puts pressure on the chest

Calm sorrow

Look close, even closer it’s

Not black, it’s just the shade

Just shadow





No one knows

We just pretend

Putting on strong face

To our friends

We’re on the mend

Phone calls unexpected

Door bells echo through

The hall

So empty

Old friends unrejected

Cold spells followed by the sun

It will be

Forget (forget)

Forgive (forgive)

Forget (forget)

Forgive (forgive)

Forget (forget)

Forgive (forgive)

Forget (forget)

Forgive (forgive)

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