Why does society tell a woman that she was used if she snogged/fucked a man outside wedlock? , But not that she used him for her pleasure maybe without any strings attached or maybe without thinking much?

Well, that is this world for you, they have to label everything, define everything. The only moral compass that should guide you is whether you are right or wrong relative to your picked personal values and also whether you are being cruel/hurtful to others who care and you care about. Wait, well it is good to consider even enemies if you can, but then why have enemies, don’t hate, as hate is a very strong word? Yes, I think so. :-)!

It sort of makes me happy and sad :-), that I am a weakness. But ideally weakness is not what you want to be but more a source of strength. And that is what you have found maybe? Wait and Hope and keep going.  Find out 🙂 You will! I found out a long time ago, just did not pay attention I think.

Gathering my thoughts for you…for your well being! Here like we always said, the children of love..will guide you, walk with you, from now on 🙂

Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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