Atticus Sailor twins

I have always wanted something Atticus and Amma shared, and I think that is why I was so unforgiving to people who have loved me. It was not Atticus or Amma I was looking for, but what they shared, which I have seen and heard and felt from the moment I can remember. The stories, the struggles, the deep connection, the childhood the spent together, the college times

I have asked Ache – “Isn’t it a bit sad that this feature called be loyal to one person restricts us from experiencing different things? ”

Ache said – I” have thought about it, the only thing perhaps I would have done differently perhaps is married your mother a bit later, so that I was settled a bit more, your mother struggled a lot without ever complaining, So yes there was no one else I could ever think of sharing my life as my lover my wife he said and I had that clarity when I was an adult.”

So yes I realize, that I have looked for them, that deep connection, to be felt, and I am so scared and happy that I feel it. Something bigger than love and something that has never been written about, something that has never been spoken about, beyond unconditional…..almost like my only universal primitive that I see when I look at the world!

Above all, if one can live happily without you, and still choose to love you, that is what love should be. 🙂 Is it not? Atticus and Sailor sometimes are like twins in certain statements they make. The only difference is the language they use!

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