Lol Pain sympathisers aka *&^%$

So no I do not need random people who are on FB or blog world reading my rants and offer me support to know my pain and caress me. Please do not send me such requests, emails, comments. Lol, you got the pain in me from reading what I wrote? or you just want to get laid? I have heard these sort of random hollow sentences used before where people say I want to know him or her deeper because of the “pain” that I see in what he writes. Little did I know until recent times that it was just a way to hit on people. I remember “I “warning me or rather advising me about it almost two years ago, how he saw it when he heard similar things from a person about the poet. I remember “I” telling me – Vinayechi, let me tell you, you need to identify the plastic and fakes, all they want is get laid, don’t you see it? I did not see it then or rather told him not to be judgemental but the things that happened later, “I” hit the bullseye and still mocks me for what a muppet I was. So please, for god’s sake, do not make a fool of yourself by using these slime cheesy approaches. You are not new age Digital Jesus to go after random people on the internet and know their pain and feel for it yeah? Even Jesus did not go to people, people went to him. LOL, 😀 So relax and stop the fake messiah act. And above all people have taste, so they know what they want, these sort of things might only make you look like an ass. Get a grip.

Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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