Laconic oneliners :-)

” I will carry you to the palace of the winds”

” I will kill you if you die before me”

“Ping me when you get in. I always get paranoid when you get suddenly cut off :-/”

“Manni I want you to be happy”

“You were my surf boat which I was floating on, without you, I sink”

” I wanted a wall around me, but not without you, with you inside”

“You are like a Kubla Khan poetry, makes me happy and sad, with your love and hatred”

” We both are lost people, it is extremely poetic”

” Be the mother of my children, you will make the greatest mother”

“Inseparable beings of art”

“Your magnetic neck and long shoulders invite me like gravity”

“With sickle in hand, we wait for the bloody fascists”

“All I have is this, as a new year gift, a poem penned with my blood ..”

“മുറിച്    മാറ്റുക  എന്‍റെ  ഇടത്  ചെവി ,കണികയായി  സമര്പികുന്നു   ദേവി  സന്നിദിയില്‍  ….. “
” Like a lion, I will take you lioness to my den and drink your blood until the end of time”


“Your tears weigh, like warm blood on me, I failed you, I failed to wipe your sadness away, cut me open and quench your vengeance”

“Why hide? you cannot, because your eyes give away your heart”

“I a midget, never worthy of you, I know, but you made me worthy enough to live in your memories which are mine forever”

“I wish you a Merry X’mas, for all the sadness I bring, hope you forgive someday, I have nothing to offer, but all these lines, On this X’mas day … , Smile for me…”

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