Not like a Kubla Khan poem…

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It is not your failure

your love is true

I know it and feel it

more than I can fathom

more than I can rationalize

perhaps it was infected

by the lies and commotions

that surrounded you

by the people who intruded

things you tried to hide

to protect and cushion me

the love that you kept

precious and sacred you say

but Alas, it didn’t help

In fact, it broke us

again and again

am too strong for you

in the middle of all my chaos

perhaps all the women were

You addicted to women

who leave and reject you

who break you and mock you

I never wanted to reject you

I wanted to prove otherwise

for once I wanted to save you

from what you were in

an abyss of self-torture

Alas, it happened in a jiffy

And for my own reasons

which is relevant to me

Nothing you do or say

can change it yet

Not yet, not yet

I am not a woman wailing

for the devil lover in you

My love was true

and it is true

which makes me, me

the happy and sad

paradoxical high me

and not a Kubla poem


So stop outside

I do not know when

I will open the door

Now I remain a sinner

who again hurt you

who is impulsive

in loving you

but more rigid

in rejecting you


But then…


Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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