Gunner-Quins stuff :-)

happy V.PNG

Gunners have been painful to watch this season, and I had filled my time watching rugby match lately. All those ripped, strong men playing passionately for their team, I wondered whether football has lost that commitment meme.

So I went to watch my first live rugby match and It was absolutely amazing. But yesterday at Emirates stadium it was one of the best performance by Gunners after a long long time! Absolutely fucking awesome second half and there we go we beat posh London Chelsea blues to be in final! But yes you will see more rugby stuff from me now as am back into it and unlike my younger days I enjoy it more and more.

Chris used to play rugby a lot ( well grammar school boys do I guess, how bourgeoisie of him aye? 😀 ) but then with his physique being not meaty enough for rugby tackles, he had to quit sadly. But he still enjoys watching them and thus I went for my first ever live rugby match and I am baptized to support his favorite team which is the HARLEQUINS ! So 2018 should be fun shuttling between Rugby and Arsenal live matches! Look forward to it 🙂


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