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Will not talk about the trigger for this snippet. But was thinking about it for few days and time fails me. Real faces and people matter, and if people know you in real, and not via your filtered whitewashed, eyes enlarged face contoured pics, and have been there and chose to be there always :-), you should be happy. That is all life is about! Remember remember this November to define you as real before you lose track of yourself as someone else in the virtual world. I have realized that you hear people online chatting away to you saying, all I want is to know you and meet you and nothing else, and talks about some mystical feeling which is just a hollow construct of the human mind to repress sexual needs in the end. What such endless chatters mean is they want to get laid but do not want anything else, nor commitment. The number of people who get caught up in online chat conundrum is getting bigger, but thankfully the younger generation is rebelling against all this which is a good sign. Perhaps the generation who was suddenly thrown into the internet big bang had to face the negatives and the evidence that has been gathered over the time helps the new generation to be warned about all of this. It is always like that, something revolutionary always creates good and bad memes but with time as science can only look at evidence to warn you. So right now. as it stands, we know that real relationships need to be captured back. Anywhere you go, be with real people, find real people around you, spend time with them, and use the virtual world to be in touch with your dear ones but NEVER to have a social life as it is virtual and not real.

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