There is no God Manni! :-)

“So is there God Manni? “She looked straight into my eyes!

Damn I have to be wise and impartial I thought

“Well Manni thinks there isn’t, but I didn’t know it always

But I figured it out with time, looking for scientific evidence, by reasoning

You will know all about it and find out by yourself”, I hugged

“Ok, so there has to be proof yes?”

“Yes, something exists because we can prove it exists like you exist because you are ermm ermm deterministic( Oh dear more questions soon)”

“Where did God thing come from?” she asks, her curls reminded me of my own self.

“Well God thing was invented by people I think so that they would feel someone is watching you, and so you would not do bad things because God will punish you, people made out”

“Well I think there is no God then because people do bad things anyway and no one gets punished”

And I had tears in my eyes when I heard that. Little one teaches me things, always does.




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