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ortton scott

My sister was deeply into science fiction more than me, but I do enjoy reading them once in a while and Orson Scott I recommend for growing kids, to imagine, to think, to fantasize so that you are not only caught up in romantic fiction and drama. Science is like art for me, always have been. I remember my sister wrote her first short story about time traveling after being inspired by Einstien and Maxwell 🙂 when she was a teenager. My good ole professor Kunjivaava Atticus named her.

I recommend Stranger Things series(sci-fi) perhaps after West World and House of Cards, the best series I would say that I have watched and absolutely adore it.  Orphan black is good as well in the sci-fi genre. So here is my list of my fav series I loved people and took a lot of my time in 2017:( order is purely personal preference and includes non-sci-fi as well)

1.Westworld  ( Pure brilliance, cant define)

2. House of Cards ( Political drama, addictive)

3. Stranger Things ( Sci-Fi awesomeness)

4. GoT ( Nostalgia sake, still watching, amazing production value as usual)

5. Orphan Black( Thrilling suspense and moral dilemmas)

6. Luther ( Shot in east London, lot of places are so familiar in this series, quite realistic and well shot)

7.Black Mirror ( Disturbing but recommended)

8. The Crown ( Feel good series)

9: Once upon a time ( its silly 😀 ) ( Cheesy and dreamy)

10: Grace and Frankie ( Comedy)

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