Curly Wurly Manni

“Manni, I like your haircut, but I miss your curls.”

“My curls are coming back Dundu, when its a bit longer I will keep it spring-like, just the way you like it?”

“Manni, you should do what makes you happy, if you are happy, we are all happy, you are beautiful always”!

Awkward silence, coy smile, clear straight cheerful eyes looking straight at me as though I am an open book, suddenly melting into the oblivion.

And I was speechless, tears flew, and I smiled 🙂 A content overwhelming happy smile which makes me wonder what a beautiful world and life this is. If only, it has been more love than I can fathom, sometimes too much of it, corners me 🙂 If only too much love could kill me! Hah!

I need to be thankful for everything, I muse now.



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