Casting couch

The horror of casting couch that was dismissed by many a people in Kerala now has surfaced as a big story in Hollywood.  When actress Parvathy said it, it was said  “it never happens in Kollywood, maybe she was really not good that she had to do it” which is a fucking reality of the world we live in dominated by men. Perhaps some women do think they can use sexual weaknesses of men by engaging with them in whatever sexual favors, but predominantly it is open for abuse, absolute abuse of the vulnerable and fresh youth who are trying to make a mark in this world dominated by men be it big corporates, entertainment industry or any other realms.

The shit has hit the fan, women are coming forward against Hollywood mega-producer Harvey Weinstein, the women he forced to do sexual favors, the ugly reality is coming up. The reality is that it is ugly in many realms, where men do favor women who give them sexual flavors, do sex chat, give into their flirtatious nature and what not.  If women come forward who have been denied jobs and promotions for not budging into the managers and rich producers advances, this whole accepted culture of casting couch for career advancement will stop. And it has to stop. The reality is women who stand their ground with dignity get pushed back, and the ones who go on the casting couch willingly or unwillingly move forward in their career. There is a huge competition in our careers in this modern world, especially for a woman who has to fight men who are the majority in most realms of work. A constant struggle for many a woman.

We hear people getting jobs, promotions, transfers, pay rises by using the casting couch but we take it as though it is a normal thing. Women chatting away to men to fill their idle time to get favors in their career, to move forward, to keep powerful men in their palms, an act of control perhaps, but the truth is that dignity is important to be equal, absolutely necessary to break patriarchy so that women can work and live with dignity. If you are a feminist, who want equal rights for women, stop perpetuating this meme silently, react, counsel, educate people, not to take such favors or fall for such favors. Stand your ground with dignity and move forward with hard work and healthy competition and not by massaging men’s ego or giving yourself to fill their idle fucking time. DIGNITY and self-confidence will make you happier, it truly will. A social change is what we need from men and women. Men should not expect any favors, and women to not be diffident that they give into such favors willingly or unwillingly.

Nepotism is a curse for a civilized society.

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