Life is beautiful if you are not worried about irrelevant things or irrelevant people in your life. 

I saw a lady today who was looking at a photo and smiling so charmingly, I presume she had warm memories gushing in to her being. 

And I looked into myself and smiled 

And thanked once again in my mind

To all those people who helped me

Defy depression that I fight and love me immensely unconditionally though I have hurt them and ranted at them standing by me all these years 

And I pitied the ones who wanted me to fail

But it was bliss , sort of that gratitude and pity paradox, unlike polarity that engulfed me took me to a trance. It was not the truth as nothing is absolutely true but this whole web of people are just there all over my life was something like truth of my own being. Bliss! Suffocating bliss…chokes me to death, drowns me in tears. 😊. Countess Vinu is here.

Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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