Musings – Women

October 2nd, 2016 it seems, I wrote this, what was going through my mind I wonder :-), wish we could freeze memories with associated context as well?

There are thousands of women in this world( my sample bias perhaps, but I know more women) who think men wrong them because they deserve it, men stray and have mistresses and affairs because they had “issues” with their woman partner. The lack of dignity and selfishness in wrecking homes or friendships or engagements or marriages is often justified as the poetic indulgence or inevitable happenings as though people do not have a choice. When you start seeing women as people and not an object for your patriarchal notions when you stop taking your wives and mothers and partners as weak for their patience and resilience and hope in your home there will be a better just world for women. Choose not to be a victim but a fighter and fix your life with talking and living and only that. There is no mantra, but if your love is taken for granted and labeled as not bold and confident self then why bother if there is no give but only take… Life is short, try to be happy and engaged, keep true people close, actively make every day full of conversations and activities and walks and speak to each other. – laments of a confused mind 🙂

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