I do not believe in Karma, but when people say what goes around comes around, I usually dismiss it. But then life stares back at you with episodes of people taking you for a ride, undermining others to get their way, almost like an anti-left ideological meme, where people do not consider others, but only want to exploit the weak and the vulnerable to get ahead, to get their way, be it emotionally, financially, nepotism at work to climb ladders and what not, you wonder why would not people believe in Karma, when things come around for such people as life lessons. The hurtful things they say and lie about you as a person your life and what not. But then NO its people who teach others lessons, by what they give and do, not the universe, not any divine intervention. But there is poetic justice in this world which is very much by the people and nothing else. So if you do good, if you are true to your ideals ( well ideals are ideals you have to strive hard to walk towards it or be half the good person you want to be) and values, if you value peoples emotions, your life will be good. Because people will be there, and ask your self, whom you want to be and whom you want to be around with. Yes, people who matter, not for Instagram, not for Facebook, not to increase validation, but people who matter in real life.

So if one helps someone out of goodwill, and give space to them, it is natural, we all do, but if they slowly spread their tentacles to your life and the people in your life, slowly and steadily and try to suck the happiness out of your life, just cut them off from the root. It is normal, just avoid and move on. Trust me life will be much better. I have not had enemies in my life I would like to believe because, in spite of me dramatizing it all, my life has been quite simple and overwhelmed with good people, lovers, family, friends, little dundubees, books, music, dance, lonely sketching sprees, the wilderness, just life in general. I thank all who protected me and stood by me, even now protect me patiently. My sample size of betrayal is one, perhaps only one person I can say broke my idea of friendship, but then it was a stranger, now I look back and see it. There were other motives which we know late. But then we get around all of it right? Because people stand by you. πŸ™‚ They do and we rise always.

So to all who ask me about betrayals, I dramatize my life a lot, mainly when I write, but if you want to know, yes I did learn my lesson perhaps a bit late and too old to even learn it this late, but take a leap, identify the weed, and cut them off early in your life. Life is beautiful, and there are so many people who are beautiful inside and outside, yet to meet who will make your life full and depression less and make you hope. Hope and wait, said the count decades ago didn’t he? πŸ™‚

There is no Karma, there is only people and their deeds. You have to act on this world, change yourself, change your people, and be happy. That is the ONLY way, trust me ONLY way. ONLY you can change your life and your choices. DO IT RIGHT NOW πŸ™‚ And mail me all about it. I am all ears and thank you for trusting me. Means a lot.

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