Our chats about tattoos
and you etched on me
what you etched in your heart
tickling me like a cat
When I did not have a cat
though you loved him
much more than I did
and he adored you too
much more than he loved me
waited for you daily
more than me perhaps?
Oh your anger
I remember
When I got myself
a tattoo without you
as you wished
which I did not know
in the first place
it was today 
six years ago
that I got inked
for the first time
the butterfly
was a sign always
and I took
as a sign
jinxed about
our similar 
memories about
what we liked
The poetry
the Marxism
the food
the novels
the strikes
The politics
The protests
the shops
the cafes
the office corridors
the places we lived
The cities we traveled
the places we ate from
The museums we walked
the galleries we visited
The castles that we adored
The ruins that we cherished
Many a time it turned out to be
same day same time different us
without knowing each other
in different space
ridiculously synced
My butterfly tattoo
is sleeping
the butterfly
is avoiding me
When he is back
I will get my final Tattoo
which you wanted me to do

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