It’s a human thing 

Alpha male is not a thing
Men are sensitive
Just like women
Feminists I have known
Taught me to fight
Mysgonism and inequality
Not to hate men or people
Not to fake physical virginity
But to be pure in your mind
To be true to your heart
To be true for the people
To apologise when you fail
To fight when you are exploited
It is all Marxist feminism
Where labour has to be
Gender neutral
To be for the people
For all the people
Men who use other
Women so easily
To get back at their women
Are weak in character
That they breed insecurity
And no past is a reason
No tragedy justifies
The pain you cause
When you spend time
with real feminists
You will know
What is it to be dignified
And how irrelevant
Fake ego massage
And Praises
And FB likes
And farcical words are
In comparison
To real woman
Who have been there
Who do not breed
Sympathy and false ideas
brewing past tragedies
Farcical apologies
Which are words
Just words
In this virtual world
If you ever knew
Your own mother
Who was a feminist
You would know
What real feminism is
Which is not a woman thing
It’s a human thing
It’s a people thing 

Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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