Enmity is just a thought

we have enemies?
No there should not be,
there should be only irrelevant people
But we are what we are
because of the people we met,
are we not?

Not all the people,
you should not add weedy ones who came to you
for their curiosity, for their gains, for their ego
some can’t take rejection gracefully
even if it costs their dignity
be wary of them,
they are the most dangerous ones

theyshould be reduced to nothingness,
in your mind, so that they disappear
where they belonged, if only you listened?

a lesson it should be

But we could be someone’s enemy?
that is their vengeance and loss
Not yours
And thinking that liberates you

pitiful you should be

Alright, Yoda! 🙂

Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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