Train memory

She froze for few minutes
when she saw the message
“I tried my best, but cannot
make myself not see you”
She was lost and shocked
as though her whole being
slipping quickly into a coma
She went for a smoke
and spoke to her friend
what should I do, what
and she was told to avoid
just like she did when 
she was home
which shattered him
waiting for two days
near where she stayed
every second hoping
to see a glimpse
of her smile her lips
drove all those miles
just like old days
to sip coffee like always
for a smoke together
he kept hoping
till she flew away
that she would yield
but she was firm
and he hated her
profoundly for that
perhaps the hurt was 
too much to bear

and he went to his wretched self
hurting himself  as always
making all the drama
which he does every time

after all those years
all those struggles
she did not yield
she was not sure about the meet
she was firm for both
because she knew
if they meet ever
they would collapse
The message brought
memories and fear
she collapsed like
a wounded deer
and went home
and put on her
fav top and skirt
and left to meet 
her mascara all
messed up by tears
her lipstick
all worn out
the trains were full
so was her heart
she was at the station
somewhere far east
and there he was
waiting just like always
with a heavy heart
and a wounded smile
the platform froze
just like that night
a long time ago
misty midnight memories
he dragged his luggage
in haste and walked towards her
she paced quickly to him
and paused and froze
a moment lost
in time and space
they were not people
but mere beating hearts
he hugged her 
a friendly hug
she laughed and
pulled his hair like always
he touched her lips
and she shrugged
and stepped back
and there was the train
they jumped in
it was a long journey
he mused he came days ago
“why did you not tell me?”
she asked in her usual anger
I wanted to punish you
for making me wait
when you were home
he mused in sadness
she bit her lips
and wondered aloud
why now then?
why why why?
he gave a broken smile
which always did melt her
and mused she knew him
but not his heart fully
she was in tears
and mused of their lives
he grabbed her 
kissed her
as though she would disappear
or it was her last day to live
she tried to shrug off in shyness
it was the train, there are people
he did not care, he did not stop
for hours their lips were locked
his hands all over her body
he touched her teeth
which was always 
his favorite thing to do
and pushed her to the door
as though it was only them two
in this world and no one else
she melted and collapsed
he picked her up like a child
he could not stop his lips
or his heart from acting
the theatre that was public
but there were only those two
there was nothing but love
that they both saw in each other
the love lost the love born again
the love that never died
the hearts that was stabbed again n’ again
by each other’s anger and ego and stupidity
my love for you I cannot kill he mused
please come back and let me be alive
She whined about his stupid ways
he laughed and said nothing was worth a penny
she kept prying about his ways
he stopped her again with a deep kiss
She pushed him away and kept nagging
he pleaded to trust him for once
and not believe stories
which would never leave him
Live in trains like we used to joke, always?
she mused
Yes a train journey that will never end, till we die!
he mused.

Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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