Petitio Principii and the epistemic urge for truth

In a moral context, the right to do something or say, is quite a circular argument. It sort of kills the any debating as the conclusion is already there in the premise that is set up. It goes like, I have the right to kill, I have the right to intrude, I have the right to this and that, just like you have the right to be alive, or not be intruded etc.  Bible proclaims that God’s words are in it, and where can you find it, of course in the Bible. If you want to find out the truth of any proposition be it personal or otherwise, we have to stop the circular arguments. And that is what we see again and again in the media, circular arguments put forward where the truth is never devoured where judgement have already been made and people debate to the public, influence them with their own prejudices and bias.

Debate with an open mind, argue for the right reasons, to find out the truth, not to win. And till we do that this media circus will make a fool of all of us and intelligent corporate interests will get their way. The best way to keep the masses intact is by political theater and we are all falling for it day after day forgetting the cause we want to live for and sometimes die for.

If we want to find out the truth, a conclusion, a debate or an argument should start with no truth, but only premises. And of-course there can be disagreements on the premises too.

Circularity is important concept to understand real world scenarios, as long as it is not used for reasoning I presume. 

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