Cowardice of Neo-Nazis

I was lost of words as always to write about Ammamma, have been wondering whole day like every other day, perhaps this time of the year profoundly, how to put it in words, and I think I cannot yet again. Someone dear to me said I should write about her today, but I think her loss can never be put into words. I could not even write a eulogy when she died and hence I had to borrow the words written about her by someone dear to me and dear to her, a comrade. 

When you write and voice against anything or anyone, there is always a cost, a penalty. People belittle you, threaten you, spread hatred against you and even strangers start believing the contrived stories that thick heads propagate.Freedom of speech is a dangerous game. But we have to fathom courage to speak up be it for people or for yourself. Face the bitterness people shower on you without failing in your life. When you live and love, that is the biggest pain for people who want a piece of your life.

Today is teachers day, my grandmother, my other mom left us 4 years ago. I was there with her last few weeks, she fragile, delirious and  slowly forgetting who she was. She was a fighter who dealt with clinical depression with might and will and people remember her as Comrade Janaki, a beautiful and difficult person at the same time, who lived for her family and people around most of her life, just like her mother I was told by Amma.
Today a journalist died in Bangalore, a Ninja warrior she has been against the right wing politics. Her pen was powerful, so was her mind. The world is moving into a neo-nazi society, where people seem to forget life is about people and living peacefully with people, but divide and use contrived ideologies and ideas propagated by inflicting fear and paranoia about others around, without accepting the differences, without accepting or respecting others lives, the neo-nazi society is emerging slowly but steadily. Its all becoming a meme for people which puts forward all about me and my kind and my wishes and what I want. Lack of empathy is fuelled by fear of the other and thus we emerge more and more into a fucked up collapsing society. 
Keep going, keep writing, keep making movies, statements, write what you want and make that tiny difference, make the world move away from intellectual bankruptcy and lack of empathy. Keep going strong, keep going comrades. 

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A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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