It was a few years ago, I was up on that stage, watching my dear ones take vows. And my mind wandered into the audience and there she was far away, glowing like an angel, with seductive eyes looking straight into my eyes, her lips slowing parting into a smile, warm and then friendly. She walked up to me and we spoke as though we knew each other for years and years. She is a melting candle, I felt, glowing spreading light for others around. When she writes, she becomes this empathetic woman, when she dances, she becomes a seductive princess, she was everything a man would look for. I loved her as my own soulmate and still do.
A Mohini…
I do not know why you have tears in your eyes, 
I do not know why you want to go on this trip,
I do not know why your tears never stop sometimes
I wish I could do something 
I wish I could be there
All I know is, that I will miss you, 
And I bow to your heart that beats unconditionally
in the middle of all the pain and tears
and let downs and harsh decisions
For …..

Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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