Addictive Love

🙂 Which came out of from the research for the seminar we did recently 🙂

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You feel addictive love if you:
Are obsessed with this person
Believe you have to have them with you to be complete, happy, secure, etc.
Believe they are the only one for you in this lifetime (no one else will ever do)
Can’t stop thinking about ways to get them back
Scheming so you can “accidentally” see them so you can get them back
Attempt to manipulate them into coming back
Can’t stop talking about them
Stalk them

Genuine love is much healthier for everyone involved. It is devoid of anxiety or fear about being without someone. Here are some examples of real love:

You experience real love if you are able to:
Give them room to grow
Accept their feelings, beliefs and ideas without trying to change them
Allow them to make their own decisions (even if it is to say “no” to you)
Be happy, secure, etc. without them if need be
Accept that you can have more than one love in a lifetime
Be your real self; no need to play games or wear a mask to win them over
Completely and unconditionally love and accept yourself
Love them without needing them to be with you

As you can see, addictive love is a serious affliction. You’ve heard or read the countless news stories about “crimes of passion”. People end up murdered and/or committing suicide over addictive love (if you fear for your life, please contact your local law enforcement immediately). Please note however, that you don’t need to be contemplating such extreme actions to be addicted. An addiction can take the form of obsessive thoughts, and that may be the end of it. Either way, know that the remedy for addictive love is experiencing genuine love. And know that help is available to guide you in that most fulfilling experience.

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