@: Why are you so happy, girl?
$: Oh I dont know, am neutral, just me.
@: You seem to be glowing.
$: Thats just the sun, D!
@: Sun makes you happy?
$: I think sun makes me smile, 
      poems make me lost,
      books make me alive,
      music makes me full,
      food makes me pampered.
@: What about our kick boxing saga?
$:   That makes me a fighter, like you.
@: You have to fight it out
$: That will wear me down
@: No it will make you neutral
$: I am neutral, feel so, nowadays.
@: That is what I want for you
$: Perhaps resolute for dear ones
@: And for yourself.
@:I love you V, you are my nut-boo
$:I love you too, And you are my kicking fashion-boo

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