Scent of hatred

I smelt hatred
It was new
and I never knew
what it smelt like
perhaps I’ve been lucky
or untouched by life
Ironical it was
that it smelt pleasant
a poison in disguise
stabbing you
from the back
with stories
with soothing words
with praises
with sad stories
with philosophy
with sympathy
utter manipulation
using and discarding
crushing whoever
was in the way
to an obsessive goal
I cringe in thoughts
when I fought
for their dignity
with my dear ones
I was about to choose
out of charity
out of empathy
never knew
what a fool I was
to fight for them
but with time
the true scent
of hatred
came out
with time
with wisdom
with words
with motives
with gossips
in the pretense
of classy preaching
and self righteousness
In the end
strangers seems to hates us
when people whom
we trusted betray us
But keep your heads high
And make anger out of hatred
and then a make it a lesson,
a closed chapter to vanish
That whole bottle of hatred
the scent I never want to devour
ever again, it is a promise.

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