Wise – Why do Indians glorify stalking? It is not romantic, it is creepy. And now people do it in social media and the internet, its fucked up.
Reckless –  Looking at interesting stuff is OK I think, is it not? That is not stalking I think.
Wise – You need to be careful with stalkers. I worry about you. It is unhealthy interest in your lives.
Reckless – I am anything but careful. Meh. Maybe kick boxing will help. Doh!
Wise – When will you be serious? A bag of paradox. 
Reckless – Maybe they are just a fan or a bulb of me? You know important me?
Wise – Get that vanity out of your head, stalking is not because of respect, it is pathological obsessive and pestering behaviour. 
Reckless – Oh well, short lived fan story eh?
Wise – God such vanity
Reckless – Thats right! Vanity fair indeed. 

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