Rights about a wrong feeling!

Inseparable beings you whispered in my ears

Your voice shaking 
you thought I would bleed to death
there is no blood left but only wine
And I am high sipping it slowly
I left a long time ago my dear
To abandon you, just like Marcus
When I am home I visit my cat 
But not you and your anger tickles me
I am cruel perhaps or am I lost in life
When you keep me alive I rise up
Only to get strength to hit you
Was my detachment a wrong feeling
Was I right to run away to be free
It scares me like a bad brutal night mare
When you proclaim rights out of this wrong feeling
I feel happy and sad at the same time
The paradox of our love which we try to bury
When you wait, when you love, when you weep
I shiver in grief and ecstasy 
Perhaps you are right that I cannot abandon you
Perhaps am wrong that I want to abandon you
Rights about a wrong feeling
or Wrongs about a right feeling
Time will tell us soon or I will..
Till then sleep peacefully…

Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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