Yin: Not sure whether it is PMS but I am very grumpy

Yang: Little grump chubster, Fine I will listen today to your rants
Yin: Look don’t irritate me, am not fat
Yang: But I like chubsters, chubby cheeks, boat lips
Yang: Whatever, as always words words.
Yin: So tell me some kurumb, let me laugh, too stressed
Yang: Look am not your entertainment box
Yin: Are you not, everything about you makes me drawn
Yang: Yeah again words words all you have.
Yin: Come on, you know me, I know where to start and where to end, have faith in me
Yang: Fine, It seems you were told I am too much of a competition and so wish to not compete?
Yin: Irrelevant people are never a competition, how many times I have told you this?
Yang: Should have told you all this long back, my mistake, but..
Yin: I am not interested, say something relevant, about your book
Yang: No book can wait, so tell me what do you think about that?
Yin: Lady love, that is the most insincere thing anyone would say, get over such filth, act your age.
Yang: Are you saying am old, I was fat now am old.
Yin: You are you and that is why am in you. We have to play them if they play us.
Yang: I am tired of it
Yin: And I am never tired of you.
Yang: Oh fuck off muppet.
Yin: “Classy”, as always!:-) 

Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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