It is not natural and dreamy and perfect

“Relationships are easy and require absolutely no work, compromise, or self-awareness. It is natural, dreamy and perfect” is the bull crap you hear from people who knows fuck all about relationships or has never been in long term relationships or have actually gone beyond the usual superficial concepts mainstream speaks about love and relationships or has never even known a person close enough or lived with someone to actually know what it is like to be in a relationship where love is nurtured with time, with tears and heart breaks and let downs and support and what not. It is a package which moves like a sine wave, you drift, you attach, you stand alone, you stand together, you shout, you love, you cry, you smile.. that is the beauty of a relationship. It is real and not a  digital concept. Online relationships where people get obsessed with images and pictures and write ups will pathologically live a life of stalking and conspiring stories they form in their minds and live in it in an unhealthy way. Break out from it, meet people, hear people, see the twitches in their facial muscles, laugh with people, cry with people… Live a meaningful life with good people who add value to your relationships. Like my dad said in my early age, a jealous person is the most dangerous of all. And it took 30 odd years for me to finally encounter such manipulation in my life and it is a life lesson to keep. Slow and subtle, farce praises, vanity, that we fall for…where we give a piece of our broken self to another only for them to crush it and keep us incomplete rather than fix us. 

Make sure you never take relationship advice from broken, bitter people who make merry in others sadness and loss. You should not hate such people, because they have their own share of frustrations and loss and rejections, but feel pity and empathy and move on. Because every second you have wasted in such space is your loss. Make sure not to open the doors when you are vulnerable because when you are weak, every stab, every strike, will make you go low and low and perhaps that is what they want, for you to perish.

Make sure you go higher than go lower – especially when you are going through the worst of your times. Empathize with real relationships and people and not farce words and imaginations and obsessions. Real relationships ships are worth it, but virtual online stories conjured in fucked up minds are not. 

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