Veni, vidi, vici….

When the whole of the working class and the poor and the marginalized around the world is disenfranchised from the political systems and establishments, disgusted with the oligarchy that prevails, the general sentiment that left has failed them for decades in this capitalist society has led to the far right to come into the picture. The right wing media, perhaps most of them, owned by Murdoch and Murdoch and Murdoch again, has happily worked against the left vehemently long before the cold war started and they have succeeded and achieved their goal mostly. We see it now all over the world. Marine Le Pen’s odds of victory was high, 35 percent of votes for a far right party violence spewing party in this era is worrying. India voted for a change in 2014, to change the corrupt dynasty elite Congress politics to bring Modi in, America voted to teach the democrats and the political elite a lesson and voted a non political Trump in.

But it would have been deeply disappointing if the very country which pioneered the greatest values of our civilization by the historic french revolution that brought about Liberté, égalité, fraternité(Liberty, equality and fraternity) to our modern society, had put La Pen to the Elysée palace. Thankfully they did not. But having said that what is more disappointing is no matter how much the far right is gaining momentum as a political alternative to this failed capitalistic era burn out that we are living in, the left seems to be very much divided on trivial disagreements. The left candidates, the socialists, who did not support Macron and come united to form a more powerful amalgam of socialist power seemed like a tragedy of our times. The tragedy of the left in fact. The tragedy for the people.
We see the same in Kerala I was wondering. We have to ask ourselves how much we want to distance between the left parties and the BJP. The neutrals seems to be keeping the same distance between the BJP and the left which is intellectually very hard to fathom I feel. Surely you would not dislike the right wing beef eater killers/Muslim killers/Black haters, the same way you dislike the left?. How is socialism or Marxist economic theory a thing to hate, what is the hatred about? What is in there that you feel is against people? History has taught us that racist bigots coming into power has always created genocides and mass murdering. It only takes little time once sweeping majority is obtained by right wing parties to move into full fledged fascist regimes. Making minorities second class citizens, women not empowered to be equal and also the oligarchs to take all the wealth between them and their boys club mates they have in large corporations surely has to be something that the middle class do not want?. But then why this political and moral bankruptcy? We have given all our power to selected group of people to make decisions for us. And what the political elite want is the middle class to be happy enough that they do not dissent. Keep them in a matrix where they are happy enough to not jeopardize their lives, have a home or a car and just exist and work and live for their family and kids. That is the subtle oppression that prevails and we seem to be happy about all that. Not all of us can go to the streets and strike, but all we can do is use our electoral power in the right way. To think before we vote.

And that is why we need Corbyn to win in Britan, an alternative polity for the working class and the poor, to redistribute wealth and to make a more equal society. Let us not kid ourselves that Corbyn regime would be totalitarian like the soviet left regimes. We live in a different era where social and liberal democracy is the way forward for an equal and just society. For our kids, for our elderly, for us and for the planet. So I do not understand how normal people can vote for La Pen or the Torys or the BJP. But perhaps that is the power of the media which am naive about, the brain washing and relentless negative press about the left realm which creates this big political space for the far right to seep in.

Let us not allow that. And to Liberty Fraternity and Equality! For the French, for the people of the world! Victory will be ours. Let us hope Britain will act wisely to bring a left government in power.!

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