Kunnamkulam Nasrani food story I saved

Favorite food list by Petson which I saved in my online diary, and thought should blog so that it is here always and never lost. It is an interesting list.

1.  Beef Stew and Appam by Tathi ammayi(my father’s aunt) –  The two days stay on the weekends preluding Great grand parents aandu is one of the best childhood times I still cherish with vigour even now with Nithin ettan , Naveen ettan and Shinoj ettan.

2. Cheera(Spinach) Thoran,Uppumavu(Uppma, semolina porridge)  by Master Chef Unniyettan of Ela Blooms – He is one of the naturally talented cooks who has a magic wand in his hand. I presume all fans of Ela Blooms will vouch that!

3. Kanji(rice porridge) and Muthira (Horse gram) upperi – In Kunnamkulam we call all Thoran Upperi and this special one is prepared on Good Friday at the church. We were encouraged to stay back after hours of standing attending the mass for this Muthira Upperi , Kanji and Papad. Me turning into an atheist makes me miss that, but maybe I can still visit the church who knows.

4. Prawn Upperi ,Neymeen(Surmai) fry by Lilly Aunty – Another special dish I would never want to miss  with rice. It is topped up with Surmai fry and Muthira upperi.

5.Kunnamkulam Beef upperi( Dry fry)  by Valli mummy (Grandmother ,maternal) – This is a special dish prepared with little or no Meat masala where the the beef is dry fried in oil on a low flame , with garlic, ginger,green chilli and sauteed with onion. She used to serve it to my uncle as a pre noon starter by 11:00 am and we used to barter it from him by finding lice from his head!

6.Ayla Chutta (Mackerel smoked) by my amma – During my childhood when me and my brother were extremely thin she had tried everything to make us put on weight. I had 4 meals a day and this was given as an evening snack with milk (with coffee powder). It continued for 6 months but she lost interest as there was no significant weight gain even with this food fiasco. But Ayla foiled in plantain leaf and kept in fire was an awesome treat which I looked forward to those days and it was an energy booster for me just before a game of football.

7.Varaal fish curry ( Snake head fish ) – In Kunnamkulam we call this fish Kannan.  don’t really know we evolved to call it Kannan(Sree Krishnan in Malayalam) But this fish has nothing to do with the Krishna legend or Gods but has to do more about the people of Kunnamkulam. We love to have them on a feast. Amma and Jacku ammayi’s preparation is the tastiest one I have come across and I can proudly say I have caught it from our pond many a times which makes it even more fun.

8.Puttu and Mutton Chops by Rena Rahul –  This is an unique combination unheard to me but then Malabar folks always surprise me with different such combinations. So this dish was amazing one I remember I had, perfected by Rena and Rahul warm hospitality at Trivandrum.

9.Garlic Omelette by Juli chitta –  A very simple dish but Chitta makes it special with sauteed half pressed garlic and Mexican Chilli powder and Egg.

10. Smoked Salmon Bitter Gourd dry fry –  This was one of the many special dishes which Sudha ammayi used to prepare. The smoked salmon and bitter gourd are fried in oil on low heat and they make an awesome combination. It is one of the many European-Kerala fusion dish which i loved the most.

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