Jane Oh Jane

Oh Lord Jane Eyre 🙂 Tears tears every time I read this favorite bit of mine 🙂
Mr. Rochester continued blind the first two years of our
union; perhaps it was that circumstance that drew us so
very near—that knit us so very close: for I was then his vision,

as I am still his right hand. Literally, I was (what he

often called me) the apple of his eye. He saw nature—he
saw books through me; and never did I weary of gazing for
his behalf, and of putting into words the effect of field, tree,
town, river, cloud, sunbeam—of the landscape before us; of
the weather round us—and impressing by sound on his ear
what light could no longer stamp on his eye. Never did I
weary of reading to him; never did I weary of conducting
him where he wished to go: of doing for him what he wished
to be done. And there was a pleasure in my services, most 
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full, most exquisite, even though sad because he claimed
these services without painful shame or damping humiliation.
He loved me so truly, that he knew no reluctance in
profiting by my attendance: he felt I loved him so fondly,
that to yield that attendance was to indulge my sweetest

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