Sublimity of people

The beauty of the very harsh reality of life is the constant struggle to make it beautiful. When life and world is a harsh reality around you, what makes life full is the little things we do to make life a sublime concert, a play, an art festival. The point is to realize that we are just a dot in this universe, insignificant in the real grand sense of the mighty universe. All we are is something that exist in our minds and in the minds of people around us. That is why it is important to have people around you who love you and pamper you for who you are without judgments, All your flaws and stupidity and irrationality becomes part of you and them. The love and pampering that you give and take makes you, you. That is all there is to life, this short journey. Nothing to conquer, nothing to defy, but just people and you.

Whatever we do does not affect this world, but only us and the little world of people we are filled with. Hence we need people who respect us with all our flaws near us. We are not special, nor are others, we are just people, heavily flawed and struggling. Life is a struggle, the point is to make every day full by living it with people who matter and for whom you matter meaningfully. Merged into a dot our lives are just a temporary entity for this universe, there is no spirit or soul, but your existence as a being, which is a bunch of chemicals which you train and learn in different ways, mainly with the people around you who value your existence in your life. Proclivity towards something that hurts you and someone who manipulates you, identifying it and rectifying yourself is the key. Self help is not just building yourself but also building the family of people around you. People are flawed but as long as they can empathize and understand and can act honestly be it relatively right or wrong, is what we need. That is all we need. People, life is all about people. When you help yourself it is about you and the people under your feather of thoughts. Self help is helping you and building that ring around you.

The virtual world people live in is a myth, we all get caught into it, but the real world is harsh and full. The touch, the kiss, the anger, the hugs, the love, the love making, holding hands, feeding, cooking, walking running, staring into each others eyes, all that is real and full where as behind a keyboard it is not sublime but a myth we get sucked into. You do not need to beĀ censorious as everybody is unique and flawed and struggling to exist, make sure you are not lying to your own self, not taking pleasure in others sadness because you disapprove of them or something they did to you or your dear ones, empathize cognitively, learn to not wish ill for others, and beyond all know your own vulnerabilities and be open about them to your dear ones. People who do not want you to pretend to be anything other than yourself beyond everything will stay as family.

We can only have a limited number of people close to us, choose wisely who is a well wisher, there is nothing to conquer other than your own ego, nothing to prove to the world but only your well being, it is bound by evidences in science how our brains works, we can only form relationships with limited number of entities, so the point is to have that diversity but still an amalgam of beings around you so that you exist inside you and in them all merged into another big dot, but still a dot, the dot which makes up your existence and being.

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