Her dark circles

It was a date after a long time indeed, Malu dressed up like a teenager, all the cloths she tried one after the other, the wardrobe all turned upside down, the beautiful mess on the floor on the bed, she slept a lot the previous day, and hence she wondered whether she looked like a puffin with puffy eyes, sometimes abnormally sleeping a lot makes her swollen like a pumpkin he always said. Why did you not wake me up? she would muse and he would warmly say you sleep so peacefully like a rose waiting to bloom at sunrise that I do not have the heart to wake you up my dear. Well she does like sleeping, sleeping makes her forget everything. the woes of life, the difficulties of depression she fights every day and many a things. She quickly slipped out of the bed that morning and was browsing away her wardrobe deciding what to wear, She choose a red top first which made her look right out of the red army, after all comradeship was their thing, then a  black dress which exaggerated her arms which he adores, showing off her tattoo, her butterfly tattoo which reminds her of the white butterfly which gave her signs. Perhaps she will be late, and she wanted to be relaxed and hence was frantically wondering what to wear and finally picked up her favorite black top and red skirt. She was ready, her kajol all in place, smokey eyes experiments which always fails but makes her feel confident.

She walked out of the house and he mused, “you look different dear, your face looks all clean and smooth”, she blushed and said “I slept a lot yesterday. so I think that makes me look fresh”. And he playfully mused “But I live to see these dark circles under your eyes which spreads darkness under those lamp like eyes which makes me want to make love to you in the candle light. Your eyes are my candle and the dark circles those passionate nights which I never want to end”.  The poetry that comes out about the most trivial and intricate features of lovers makes love a poetry, Malu wondered.

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