Our hearts were lonely, looking for that light
Was is here somewhere?, it was here?, or is it lost?

The serene breeze was overwhelming
so was the paradoxical chaos around
Somewhere in the middle of nowhere,
she woke up from the sleep
the coffee would not brew
the corn flakes wont go soggy
everything froze like a picture,
the wind stopped blowing
the river stopped flowing,
the birds stopped singing,
people fell asleep in the mundane life
the train rode silently without a driver
without any final destination to go
my squirrels hid away in the branches
there was divine silence
And I could hear my heart beat
Loud and clear, thumping away

it was only two people, nobody else
the world was a mirage so was them
loving with eyes and lips and nails
neck bruised, her body pushed on to the walls

It is here somewhere, that we melted, we became one
and our heart started beating together, again

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