**Daivathinte vikruthikal

Seems I drafted this on 1st of October 2007 🙂

Daivathinte vikruthikal (Madhusudan nair) : The poet sings about the river Mayazhi puzha. But if you read it you feel it is about everything that we live for. In this touching moive Daivathinde vikritikal the poem beautifully tells you about the memories of an Anglo-Indian who had to leave his home in Kerala to live in France.

Irulin mahaanidrayil ninnunarthi nee niramulla jeevitha peeli thannu
ente chirakinaakashavum nee thannu ninn aathma shikirathil oru koodu thannu

Oru kunju poovilum thalirkaatilum ninne neeyayi manakunnathengu vere…
jeevanozhukumbol oruthulli ozhiyathe neethanne nirayunna puzhayengu vere…
kanavinte ithalaayi ninne padarthi nee viriyichoraakashamengu vere…

Oru kochu raapadi karayumbozhum nerthoraruvi than thaarattu thalarumbozhum
kaniviloru kallu kanimadhuramavumbozhum kaalamidarumpozhum ninte –
hridayathil njanente hridayam koruthirikunnu….
ninill abhayam thiranju pokunnu…

Adaruvan vayya….. nin hridayathil ninnenikethu swargam vilichaalum
uruki nin aathmaavin aazhangalil veenu poliyumbozhaanente swargam
ninnil adiyunnathee nitya sathyam

I got this english translation from the internet and he/she has done a pretty good job i would have thought. This is for people who do not speak Malayalam. 🙂

Waking me up from deep sleep of darkness
You bestowed me the hued feather of life
And the sky for my wings to flap in too
And gifted a nest on the branch of your soul ..
Where else do I smell you..
Even in blossoms or in soft breeze
Where else do I find the river which –
You fill yourself with the life melting away..
Where else is the sky you spread yourself
With the petal of your dreams..
Even while the nightingale cries
And the lullaby of a stream dies out ..
And, in my dreams when a hard stone
Turns into sweetest fruit..
And, time loses its stride..
Yet my heart is bound to yours ..
And, I seek refuge in you ..
Can’t let go..
I can’t let myself go from your heart
Whichever paradise beckons me ..
My heaven is when I burn and melt myself
To the depths of your soul…
Dissolving myself in you .. is the eternal truth..

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