London Marathon

I remember doing TCS 10 k years ago, I had only trained for around 4 km maximum not even 5 K but I wanted to prove it to myself that I can do it, and the push from my family and friends were immense too. Thanks to Jeethu and Peter for training with me whatever odd times sometimes in the middle of the night or whenever. And finally when  the race day arrived I almost chickened out but then again the guys pulled me up on to my feet. Peter had to rush home for his brothers wedding logistics so it was me and Jeethu finally going to run together.  It was one of the most fulfilling few hours of my life I would say when I started running that race, and then actually finishing it without collapsing. I did not ever think I had it in me till I crossed the finishing line. 
Yesterday I watched two of my dear friends and many others running the London Marathon, on a beautiful spring day. The crowd was bonkers, the runners needed it. Well 26.2 miles is a lot, actually a lot. It is four 10Ks and a bit. The atmosphere London created was amazing, absolutely amazing, with tubes and buses and shops and anything you see decorated and enthusiastic for the runners. The great runners. There were many running for good causes, many to fight their own depression, to push themselves, to dedicate it to their parents, to their lovers, some to their kids, to the community, to the victims of the wars that the world is going through and what not. 
I made a poster for Ben and Andy and we were there cheering for them and many a strangers and it looked like the crowd cheers synced with the rhythm of the runners pounding through the streets of London in glory. What an amazing sight it was. Ben being a seasoned runner, crossed the London bridge first and then Andy perhaps half an hour later. But seeing them run pass, and their tired but smiling face waving and holding their thumps up after the 35 km way point is imprinted in my mind like a precious photograph.
The highlight of the marathon was the man running for Swansea Harrier – Matthew Rees who was running to beat his own anxiety and depression, and found this guy David Wyeth of Chorlton Runners who was collapsing just before the 300 m to the finish line. He nailed the whole ambiance by stopping and putting his hands over the collapsing David and jogging away with the guy to the finish line. He did not care about his finish time or anything at that moment but wanted his fellow runner who ran almost 26 miles till that point to finish and remember the memory. It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. 
Here is the video, it is almost like a poetry, which would touch your heart, make your eyes wet, and heart beat faster. Salute the man, salute the spirit of altruism, salute hope in humanity. Every little thing counts, every little gesture that we make adds to this world and our minds to make this world a better place for us and others.
Kudos – and here is the video 🙂

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