Sanghaditha – joke snippet

Felt privileged when Aswathy Senan asked me whether I can contribute something for Sanghaditha Magazine, April edition. Ashley and myself have been friends for long and through him what a pleasure it has been to get to know his wife, this fiery lady who is not a Facebook drama person but in fact an actual grass root activist. Real world is different from virtual world indeed, a lesson I need to learn too. I was having a very low week I remember when she asked me whether I can write something, and somehow the topic Woman and Humor, working on it. thinking about it, lift me up. Well who does not like humor? There is this thing I see in lot of men where they get put off by dry sarcasm or humor  or a swear word when it comes from a woman. It just does not feel alright they say. Well power of humor can do wonders. It has done for the black comedians in America, Migrant comedians in the west, and Western Comedians against white racism and bigotry and what not. There are very few women stand up comedians, but I have admired watching some of them who make powerful statements and cultural artifacts are presented to you in the most simplest of manner, through the medium of humor
I am honored to be part of this group, which comprises of  some of the most powerful women I admire, who have been consistent and honest in their writings, and willing to change opinions based on new knowledge, who are not self righteous but firm in their feminism and liberal views, who are intellectually honest. Lot of love and respect to Aswathy Senan, Maya Leela, Ayesha Mahmood  I admire you guys :-), always have.(Much love to others whom I do not know much, but loved reading the articles and the power inside you. Kudos)
So here is a peek guys to the short snippet I wrote, and trust me there are lot of good articles in there and the theme is Women and Humor which is quite unique and bold topic to take up I felt for a full print magazine. If you can, please support and buy the magazine as they produce a lot of quality articles I feel, so worth a try isn’t? 

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