Whenever I am at the verge of perishing into nothingness, Amelie and her ways weaves magic with her little magical hand which is my happy wand and brings me back to myself, to life. I feel perhaps she was the white butterfly who always gave me those signs to keep going in life. Amelie ought to be my white butterfly with long curly hair, gorgeous smile, and crystal clear eyes.
Aaami asked my sister, `Where is Mannis place on the globe?`,when my sister was showing her countries on the globe. When she explained that Manni lives here pointing at Englands map, she suddenly kissed the map on the globe.
I tried to imagine her eyes and her smile when she did that, and my eyes are full, and my heart is heavy.
Amelie my white butterfly…

Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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